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How it works

How it works

  • NOTE - ALL Sellers must have an account with either RBC, First Caribbean, Bank of the Bahamas, Commonwealth Bank, Scotia Bank or Fidelity in order to receive payouts.
  • Select "Log-in" if you have an account or "Sign-up" to create an account.
  • fill in the information requested
    • Last name will not be shared with other users
    • Email address will not be shared with other users
  • Once logged in select "SELL"
  • Select a category for the product from the pull down menu
  • Provide a "Listing Title"
    • this will be displayed in bold below your product photo
  • Set your price for the product
    • price set must include 12% plus $1 for banking and commission fees
    • when the product is sold, the fees will be deducted and the balance forwarded to the seller the following business day
  • Provide a product description
    • state the brand and model
    • is it new or used?
    • if used, identify any damage, scratches, etc..
    • provide any additional information that would be helpful to the buyer
  • Provide the approximate Location for the product to be picked up from
    • location is used to calculate the cost of delivery which is paid by the buyer
    • use the map to select a location by clicking on it
    • a red pin will appear on the map at the location selected
  • Upload several photographs of the actual product
    • photos should provide multiple views to clearly illustrate the product
    • photos should be well lit 
  • Click on "Post Listing" to complete post. The listing will be immediately viewable on the marketplace.
  • Once a Buyer submits payment to PMP for the product, the Seller will be notified.
  • A PMP driver will be dispatched to collect the product from the Seller and Deliver to the Buyer
  • Upon buyer acceptance, funds will be paid out to the Seller's  account the following business day.

  • Browse through listings to select a product
  • Once selected, the detailed description and additional uploaded photos will be displayed
  • Click the "Buy" button
  • "Log-in" if you have an account or "Sign-up" to create an account
  • A chat box will be displayed allowing you to ask additional questions directly to the seller
  • Once the seller has satisfied all of your questions, proceed with payment (available starting July 29th, 2019)
  • Delivery cost will be calculated and added to the total
    • cost is based on the distance between the buyer and seller
    • cost is calculated as: $5 + $0.75 per mile
  • Once online payment has been confirmed, a receipt will be emailed to both the BUYER and SELLER
  • a driver will be dispatched to pickup the product from the SELLER and deliver to the BUYER
  • follow the driver in realtime by clicking on the link emailed to you
  • inspect the product upon receipt and confirm acceptance by providing your signature to the driver.